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  • Rich Fools

    The Parable of the Rich Fool a familiar story found in the book of Luke. A farmer is so successful that he can’t fit all the harvest into his barns. He decides to build bigger barns, but that night he dies before he can. Here’s the thing, when I first heard the story, I didn’t…

  • An Update on Demonic Possession

    Who are the possessed in your life? We don’t get many chances to talk about demonic possession these days. In the bible there are only seven references to it. Then in the 1950s, demonic possession went out of vogue. The Catholic church, for example, downplayed the idea. Some leaders believed they needed to modernize their…

  • “Transfiguration Today – A Musing”

    “Transfiguration Today – A Musing”

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think we talk enough about transfiguration. There are probably good reasons for that. Still…. Consider the most famous transfiguration, recounted in Luke 9:28-36. It’s a dramatic story. Jesus goes up the mountain with his three beloved apostles: Peter, James, and John. While he is praying,…

  • Faith and Doubt

    Faith and Doubt

    Faith has always been a part of my life. The faith of my youth was forged by my Lutheran parents’ pastor, Reverend Schartt.