“Tipping Makes You Sexy”
First published in Front Porch Review, January 2011.
You read the sign. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You decide to find out.
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“Lost Lamb”
First Published in the anthology, Lost and Found: Tales of Things Gone Missing, May 2019, Terri Karsten, editor.
Corky Corcoran tried to reconcile the image of the middle-aged waitress who’d charmed him,  with the bloodless teenaged killer he’d come to interview.
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“Therapeutic Thursdays”
First published in The Sock Drawer,October 2020.
Folk drawn together by age and circumstance, redefine themselves in the company of others.
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“People Skills”
First published in Corvus Review, Spring/Summer 2015.
When Hank meets a stranger on a brisk December morning, he learns the value of people skills.
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“School Call #5″*
First Published in in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, October 2013.
*The following phone call was overheard in the English department office of a suburban Midwestern high school.
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“Planting Time”
First published in Puckerbrush Review, Summer/Fall 2010.
Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, all the more tragic when your husband is in his mid-forties and can only think of the garden.
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“Jesus Eats Breakfast with His Mother”
First published in Small Pond. Fall 2001.
It wouldn’t be the only awkward conversation he’d had with his mother. He had a hangover, and she was asking too many questions.
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