“Hunger Bitten”
First Published in Bombfire Lit, April 10, 2021.
Ford knew what was coming. Everyone with a hand crank weather radio or a cell phone that the static electricity hadn’t shorted out, knew a giant duster—The Big One—was steamrolling its way across the prairie.
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“Queen of Bass Fishing in America, The,”
Coastal Shelf, Issue 3, March 2021
A photo in the paper of a woman with a bass on a stringer started the story in motion. It got more complicated after that. It was nominated for a Pushcart award and acknowledged by Pushcart as one of the Notable stories of the year.
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“Breakfast with Dad,”
reprinted by Malarkey Books, June 18, 2020
I invited the ghost of my long suffering father to join me for coffee at the kitchen table. This is the story that came out of those conversations.
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“Overheard in the Memory Care Unit of the Northwoods Retirement Village.”
Sledgehammer Literary Journal, May 2021
Come with me into the memory ward. I know the code for the keypad. Listen carefully. There are stories locked inside.
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“Love and Accounting,”
A friend once hosted a late night radio talk show by this name on the University of Kentucky campus. I stole the title, added a blizzard, and sprinkled the dialogue with the basics of interview and interrogation. What could be better?
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“Film at Eleven,”
White Wall Review, June 15, 2020
A determined team of women hope to record the stories of women caught up in the aftermath of a genocidal war. A reporter joins them, ignorant of what she will find.
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“Eva and the Bishop,”
Kalopsia Literary Journal, June 2020
Things happen.
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“End of Season, The,”
The Athena Review, December 2019
Gardening, ghosts, a small dog, and a marriage turned to dust.
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“Abide Sister”
Literally Stories, August 24, 2018
A death in the family draws a woman back to her roots and the life she once knew. But it isn’t that simple.
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“Before the Shooting: Five Portraits,”
Defenestrationism.net, December 23, 2016
Sometimes it helps to know the characters before the shooting starts. This story was one of the finalists of the Defenestration flash fiction contenst.
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“Mr. Wainwright Is Injured,”
Near to the Knuckle, March 23, 2015
It’s not so much about his injuries, or even getting him help, it’s more about how he found himself in this situation and what should be done about it.
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“David Wendt,”
Life As An [insert label here], August 8, 2012
This story is dedicated to my best friend Vince who died in his forties of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. What a gift to have known him.
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“Chickens: Revenge of the Flock,”
The Fringe, September 11, 2010
You know the apocalypse is near, when even the chickens are armed and gunning for you.
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“Samaritan, The,”
Underground Voices, November 2008
We all know the parable of the Good Samaritan. But in real life, it’s not as simple as helping someone in need. “What’s in it for me?”
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“Walking Away”
Red Ogre Review, 2021-03, March 2021
Family outings never turn out to be the bonding experience you hoped for.
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